Adaptation in Action Program: ClimateWest Call for Proposals

This Application Form is for funding consideration under the Adaptation in Action Program. All fields must be completed.

Primary contact full name(Required)
Mailing Address(Required)
Describe the objective(s), intended audience(s), and the intended outcome(s) of the project, including the total amount requested.
Describe in detail the project’s purpose and explain how the climate adaptation project will contribute to ClimateWest’s Vision and Mandate. Explain the adaptation or resilience gap being filled. If appropriate, identify similar-type projects and explain how your project is different, unique, or adds value.
Describe how your proposed project will advance climate adaptation in the three provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. If the project is focused on a smaller region or within one province, describe how the methods, conclusions, lessons learned, wise practices, and/or other outcomes will apply to or could be made relevant for the broader region.
Explain how the project or product will or could be made accessible, understandable, usable, and relevant for the intended audience(s). Describe the project’s collaboration/partnership level and type of engagement with the relevant audience(s).
Provide a clear and thorough workplan that will clearly identify how you will evaluate the success of the project, all relevant project and associated timelines
Outline key milestones, deliverables, and percent of the total project budget associated with each significant deliverable in the project using the schedule below.
% of total project budget
Provide the following details for each team member/project partner: Full name, Title, Organization, Role within the project, including a description of their knowledge, skills, and experience relevant to the Deliverables of the project; and References and/or experience in previous relevant projects. Also include any other relevant information.
Provide a detailed project budget using the template provided below:

Click here to download the template

The budget should be included as an attachment with your application.

The project start date and end date must be clearly indicated in the template. The budget must include the amounts (cash and/or in-kind) and name the other sources of funding.

Eligible expenditures must be directly related to the proposed project and can include expenditures within the following categories:

Salaries and benefits – to be applied only for staff on the project’s payroll; any staff applicable through a contract should be listed under the ‘Professional, scientific, and contracted services’ cost category.

Honoraria and ceremonial costs where Indigenous recipients or Indigenous partners of recipients are involved.

Professional, scientific, and contracted services - Includes: staff remunerated through a contract, design and printing services; processing, analysis and management of data; computer support services; audio visual services; interpretation, teleconference and webinar services; and other services associated with the delivery of the project.

Travel, including meals and accommodation.

Communication materials, publishing, and promotions.

Facility rental, license fees (e.g., access to datasets, IT applications), materials, supplies, and equipment – Includes: laptop and desktop computers approved on a case-by-case basis; computer software; and library and bibliographic expenses.

Costs that cannot be covered with ClimateWest’s funding include:

- Capital items
- Hospitality (e.g., provision of food and beverages at meetings)
- Financing charges, loan interest payments
- Profit-making initiatives

Accepted file types: doc, docx, pdf, xls, xlsx, Max. file size: 128 MB.
Once you filled out the budget template (download link above), you can upload it here.
Letter(s) of support from each funding source (other than ClimateWest) that is making an in-kind or financial contribution to the project, as described in the budget, and other relevant information that supports the application.
Drop files here or
Accepted file types: doc, docx, pdf, xls, xlsx, Max. file size: 128 MB.