ClimateWest works directly with organizations, businesses and governments to deliver tailored climate services—from filling a gap in climate data, to capacity-building projects that support planning and action on adaptation. We welcome conversations that explore how ClimateWest’s services can help you improve your climate resilience.

Data and Communications

ClimateWest, through our partners, can synthesize existing data, apply climate models to generate customized data, as well as deploy participatory methods to highlight local knowledge. As well, our partners have considerable insight on the creation of effective data visualizations, mapping tools, and storytelling methods to capture attention and help make information crisp and clear to a variety of audiences.

Service areas where ClimateWest can add support:

  • Data from Climate models, including tailored, high-resolution models, region specific modelling and interpretation
  • Modelling Applications, such as water flow and agricultural crops.
  • Paleoclimatological Modelling that highlights climatic variability and insights about past drought episodes in past centuries in the Prairies.
  • Research and development of new climate indicators and variables relevant to adaptation
  • Indigenous specific data, mapping, and monitoring to support applied adaptation in First Nation, Inuit, and Metis communities across the Prairies
  • Customized visualizations of climate information including maps, infographics, and video and other technology.

These services are likely to be of interest to a variety of professions and entities who consider 10+ year outlooks—particularly planning fields, infrastructure/asset management, and insurance. ClimateWest is committed to providing climate services that are relevant to the needs of communities and respectful of the breadth of knowledges about the land and ecosystems.

Training and Capacity Building

ClimateWest draws on our partners’ ties to university institutions and experience with capacity-building among practitioners to offer customized education and training opportunities. These may cover a range of topics or dig deeper into a specific activity, such as best practices for dealing with uncertainty in adaptation planning. As well, formats can be adapted to suit the audience, objectives and timelines: for example, ClimateWest can deliver workshops, interactive mapping exercises, presentations, deliberative dialogues, and film screenings.

ClimateWest’s partners can support training and capacity building on several fronts:

  • Climate Science, including the foundations of climate change science and its appropriate uses; and climate change scenarios, model projections and uncertainties.
  • Regional Climate Impacts, including current consequences and future risks and opportunities.
  • Adaptation Planning, including adaptation principles, frameworks, and concepts; assessments and indicators of vulnerability, adaptive capacity, and risk, including sources and cascades of uncertainties; adaptation tools and processes; and evaluating, prioritizing, implementing, and monitoring adaptation measures and strategies.
  • Communicating climate risk and adaptation.
  • Climate change governance, policy, and decision-making processes, including robust decision-making with uncertainty.

These services are likely to be of interest to professional associations who support professions that do, or will, consider climate risk in their work. Non-profits, businesses, and governments may also wish to deepen their in-house capacity to work with climate data or need to communicate about climate risk with resonance.

Risk Management and Adaptation Planning

ClimateWest can add value to adaptation planning by supporting entities through one or more steps, such as determining the extent to which operations are vulnerable to climate change, where key sources of vulnerability lie, how changes in policies or practices could ameliorate these risks, and how to enable the implementation of adaptation actions.

ClimateWest’s risk management and adaptation planning can work to:

  • Assess vulnerability of regions, sectors, and population groups to projected changes in their exposure to different climate parameters
  • Prioritize climate risks to be managed given the anticipated economic and social consequences of climate change
  • Plan for adaptation by facilitating processes to identify, assess, and prioritize potential adaptation options
  • Provide guidance on tools and processes suited to users’ needs related to vulnerability and risk assessment and the planning and implementation of prioritized adaptation actions
  • Facilitate knowledge exchange through peer-to-peer learning opportunities and connecting services users with experts able to support their adaptation efforts

These services are likely to be relevant to entities that are faced with decisions regarding strategic investments in infrastructure, personnel, and processes in order to enhance their capacity to absorb, adapt, and transform in the face of climate change. This includes municipal governments, businesses (especially in infrastructure or natural resources), industry associations who advance a long-term strategy, and many more.

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