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“We know that many people can feel overwhelmed or uncertain about where to get started when it comes to finding relevant climate data and information. ClimateWest and partners are committed to building an approachable entry point that can respond to those looking for help and guidance tailored to their needs.”

  • Jo-Ellen Parry, Director of Adaptation (Canada), IISD, a founding partner of ClimateWest

“Climate adaptation succeeds when it is anchored in the local context. As partners rooted in the Prairies, we recognize that this region has many different realities when it comes to climate change. Core to ClimateWest’s work will be care and attention to both local challenges and local capacity.”

  • Ian Mauro, Executive Director of the PCC, a founding partner of ClimateWest

“The Government of Canada is pleased to support the new ClimateWest collaboration. By ensuring communities in the Prairies have access to the tools they need, like climate projections to help reduce the impact of flooding, and support for risk assessments and other climate adaptation planning, we are supporting our communities while becoming more resilient in the face of our changing climate.”

  • Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Terry Duguid

“The creation of ClimateWest as a hub of climate services in the Prairie region represents an important step toward advancing climate resilience. Forging a strong partnership with the federal and Prairie provincial governments, in addition to other sectors, is essential to broadening policy discussion, sharing knowledge and leveraging critical resources.”

  • Manitoba Minister of Conservation and Climate, Sarah Guillemard


ClimateWest joins a growing network of regional climate service providers that works closely with Environment and Climate Change Canada through the Canadian Centre for Climate Services (CCCS):

This network provides improved access to climate data (via sites like and the Climate Atlas of Canada), as well as training and support on the use of climate information in decision-making.


Support from all four governments combined totals $2.86M over three years to fund the establishment of ClimateWest, with an additional $180K of in-kind support.


Find out more about our Executive Director and the Management Team behind ClimateWest here on the ClimateWest website.


ClimateWest launches with a virtual public event via Zoom at 10am CST. This event showcases the collaboration behind ClimateWest, including remarks from:

  • Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Terry Duguid, Government of Canada
  • Minister of Conservation & Climate Sarah Guillemard, Government of Manitoba
  • Minister of Environment Warren Kaeding, Government of Saskatchewan
  • IISD’s President and CEO Dr. Richard Florizone
  • University of Regina’s Interim President Dr. Tom Chase
  • University of Winnipeg’s Interim President Dr. James Currie.

 A moderated Q&A will follow featuring: Terry Duguid, Dr. Richard Florizone and Dr. Barbara Kishchuk, Director of Cumulative Impacts & Science Branch, Government of Saskatchewan

Register here. 

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