Foundation Modules

Manitoba Climate Resilience Training

Build your climate change literacy in order to integrate climate risk and opportunities into decision-making and planning in a variety of sectors. The foundational modules below cover risk assessment and climate communication.

Climate Change 101

A climate change primer course for professionals and practitioners in Manitoba to better understand the causes, future projections, and effects of climate change in the Canadian context. This course serves as a foundational primer for the rest of the MCRT training to be undertaken by select audiences.

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Presented by: The Prairie Climate Centre

Risk Assessment: Core Principles

Climate Change Risk Assessment: Core Principles

This foundational module provides a foundation of core climate change risk assessment principles and approaches for all BRACE sector audiences. It explores core concepts such as hazard identification, vulnerability assessment, risk assessment and how to use a CCRA process to identify, assess, prioritize climate impacts to inform climate adaptation planning.

Module Presentation:

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Presented by: Dillon Consulting

Climate Communication

Communicating Climate Change

This foundational course is focused on communicating climate change. Participants will dive into the basics of effective climate communication and explore the importance and the variety of messaging, audiences and delivery methods. You will develop your skills in engaging people and moving them from knowing about climate change to caring about it and being motivated to take action.

Module Presentation:

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Presented by: ICLEI Canada