Today, ClimateWest has launched the Adaptation in Action Program, a call for project proposals that advance climate adaptation in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. ClimateWest is inviting proposals from communities, non-profits, research centres, businesses, and other organizations with diverse perspectives for projects that build resilience to our changing climate. A total of $300,000 in funding is available, with up to $50,000 per project. The deadline for applications is February 20, 2024.

As the Canadian Prairie Provinces are projected to continue warming much faster than the global average, the need to prepare and adapt to our changing climate becomes ever more pressing. Municipalities, Indigenous communities, businesses, non-profits, and governments need reliable tools, resources, and services to inform the actions that will strengthen their communities. Through the Adaptation in Action Program, ClimateWest will collaborate with the network of adaptation actors across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba in addressing this need.

ClimateWest Executive Director, Kerra Chomlak“We are pleased to offer this opportunity to communities and organizations who share our vision of a more climate resilient future,” says Kerra Chomlak, Executive Director of ClimateWest. “With the help of partners specializing in climate adaptation in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, ClimateWest has already developed valuable resources that advance our mandate. We’re eager to expand on these achievements and support initiatives from others in our region who are passionate about improving preparedness in the face of a changed and changing climate.”

The goal of the Adaptation in Action Program is to support impactful projects in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba that:

  • Build understanding about the range of plausible future climate conditions and how this may impact communities, businesses, governments, and/or organizations;
  • Bridge Indigenous and Western knowledges to better advance climate adaptation;
  • Identify and assess climate risks and vulnerabilities that result in learnings that apply across the region; and
  • Develop information or communication materials that enable adaptation action and investment.

ClimateWest’s past work has supported the development of several beneficial regional adaptation resources, initiatives, and events specifically to address the adaptation needs of the Prairie Provinces. Most recently, these include the Costs of Climate Change on the Prairies, A Snapshot of the Changing Prairie Climate and the Uncertainty Primer. An annual forum hosted by ClimateWest brings together the climate adaptation community across the Prairie region to gather, share experiences, and learn about the state of knowledge on climate adaptation. ClimateWest also provides access to capacity-building materials such as training videos and resources specific to Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The Adaptation in Action Program will further expand this work with a continued focus on collaboration and addressing the unique challenges of our region. Support for this program has been made available through ClimateWest’s partner governments of Canada, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

“Through the Adaptation in Action Program, our hope is to share project outcomes to build capacity and empower a community of change-makers across the Prairie provinces,” explains Chomlak. “We look forward to fostering strong partnerships and collaboration on action that improves preparedness for our changed and changing climate.”

Visit the Adaptation in Action Program page for details on eligibility and how to apply.


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