BRACE in Manitoba

Building Regional Adaptation Capacity and Expertise (BRACE) was an initiative of Natural Resources Canada from 2017 to 2022. It focused on increasing the ability of communities, organizations, small and medium-sized enterprises and practitioners to access, use, and apply knowledge and tools on climate change adaptation in their work. In Manitoba, the BRACE program is called, the Manitoba Climate Resilience Training (MCRT) Project.

Manitoba Climate Resilience Training (MCRT) Program

The MCRT Program was a joint undertaking of Natural Resources Canada and the Government of Manitoba.

It aimed to create tailored approaches to integrate climate risk and opportunities into decision-making and planning within the Northern Business, Indigenous, Planning, and Infrastructure sectors in Manitoba. Through the project, they developed a comprehensive suite of training and capacity building modules that enhance climate knowledge and the uptake of tools and information that promote integrated engagement, networking, and hands-on learning opportunities.

MCRT ran from October 1, 2020 to March 31, 2022.


MCRT Infrastructure Project (2022-23)

The MCRT Infrastructure Project is funded by the Government of Manitoba in partnership with Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba.

The purpose of the project is to provide engineers, geoscientists and other professionals and decision-makers with advanced knowledge and skills in climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Target delivery of updated courses in the 2023/24 fiscal year.
Target delivery of new courses in the 2024/25 fiscal year.

MCRT Capacity Enhancement in Vulnerability and Risk Assessment (CEVRA) Project (2022-23)

The MCRT- Capacity Enhancement in Vulnerability and Risk Assessment (CEVRA) Project is Phase 3 of the Manitoba Climate Resilience Training (MCRT) Program. The project aims to enhance knowledge and capacity of municipalities and watershed districts to better understand climate vulnerabilities, risks (and opportunities), and integrate adaptation into planning and investment decisions.

This project held a series of workshops and developed tailored climate risk assessments and guidance documents that translate data into actionable information for the targeted sectors.