MCRT Modules

The Manitoba Climate Resilience Training (MCRT) Project, funded by the BRACE program, created modules with tailored approaches to integrate climate risk and opportunities into decision-making and planning within the Northern Business, Indigenous, Planning, and Infrastructure sectors in Manitoba.


The foundational modules cover a variety of climate change resiliency basics and are beneficial to all audiences. These modules are recommended prerequisites for future courses.


The infrastructure sector modules provide training and capacity building, from general principles of climate change to hands-on and technical climate risk assessments, that enable engineers and other infrastructure decision-makers to integrate climate resiliency into their designs and practice.


The Prairie Climate Centre (PCC) has developed many meaningful and reciprocal relationships with indigenous communities and organizations. Through those relationships PCC created content with organizations such as the Assembly of First Nations, Metis National Council and other knowledge keepers from across the country that truly speaks to the importance of indigenous knowledges and future climate solutions.


The planning sector modules focus on the impacts of climate change that are being seen across Manitoba and highlight the role of planners in addressing these impacts. Training focuses on the effectiveness of planning tools to address climate risks in both public and private settings.

Northern Business

The Manitoba Northern Business sector modules offer capacity building and offer climate resilience training that both highlights the needs of Manitoba northern businesses and industries and provides training and tools to better integrate various types of climate-related adaptive actions into decision-making and planning processes to support increased climate resilience for small and medium enterprise.